Enchilada TRAY ( 21 enchiladas) $63.95
Your choice of, chicken, ground beef , picadillo and cheese.

TRAY of Rice for 15p to 20 people $39.95

TRAY of Beans for 15p to 20 people $39.95

TRAY of Fajitas chicken, steak or combination
Comes with tortillas, guacamole, and sour cream.

For 12 people $128.00
For 25 people $240.00
Vegetarian for 12 people $108.00

Guacamole 1 quart $27.00

Sour Cream 1 quart $21.00

TRAY Salad $19.95

TRAY Appetizers (nachos or chimichangitas or Quesadillas) for 12 to 15 people $47.95

TRAY OF MEAT ( Chicken, ground beef, shredded beef, chile verde pork) $50.00
Make tacos or burritos
25 tortillas or taco shells
Comes with lettuce, grated cheese, and chopped tomatoes (20p to 25p)

35 tortillas or taco shells

TRAY OF FLAUTAS ( 25 flautas ) $70.95
Comes with guacamole, sour cream, lettuce and tomato sauce.

TRAY OF FLAN. (home made style ) (12p to 24p ) $56.95

Large bag of Chips and quart of Salsa $12.50
Large Bag of Chips $4.25
Quart of Salsa $8.25
Quart of Pico de Gallo Salsa $8.25

Chiles Toreados $6.75

(fresh grilled jalapeños mixed with grilled onions.)
Please order one day in advance or earlier to make sure we have availability.

Our Catering fees are as follows:
No FEE for pick up orders. ( disposable aluminum trays ).
Delivery with disposable aluminum trays 15% of your order
Delivery with chaffing dishes 20% percent of you order.
Chaffing dish delivery included fuel and setup / chaffing dish pick up.
We Catering over $400 dollars or more.
The set up and chafing dish rental fee for orders under $400 is 20% of you order plus $30.00 extra.
plastic plates and utensils for 30 people $10.00 dollars charge. Sodas $1.25 per can. Only for orders of 20 sodas or more. ( cola, diet cola, sprite.) Big bucket with ice. $5.00 Celia’s bottle water. $1.25
Prices subject to change without notice. Please order two days in advance or more.


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